This Friday the 19th, come and see what the FireBootCamp graduates have built

It’s been 2 months since the newest session of FireBootCamp kicked off in Sydney, and our students have been working hard. I’d like you to come along and see how far the students have come in the last 9 weeks.

Often working from 9 til 9, they have learned the latest technologies and best practices, from ASP.NET MVC to AngularJS and more. They’ve mastered Scrum and learned a lot about the importance of delivering value to the Product Owner in every sprint.

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FireBootCamp gala day – meet the best developers on the market

SSW invites you to come and meet our newest FireBootCamp graduates. These developers are so passionate about coding they took 9 weeks out of their life to do nothing but code, and they are keen to show off what they have learned and created.

This event gives employers the chance to see the web applications our Boot Campers have developed, speak to them in an informal setting, book appointments for interviews, and enjoy a scrumptious morning tea on us.

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